About us

Century 21 IH was founded as a marketing and pro‎motions hub - designed to add and build upon the years of expertise and knowledge of the C21 brand.

Specialising in delivering commercial real estate and property investment solutions‎, our aim is to assist our already existing network of clients along with new customers globally wishing to add property to their portfolios.

With a wea‎lth of global experience at our disposal derived from the Century 21 Global and Century 21 UK brands, we are committed to introducing the best solutions to market.



The World’s Largest Residential Estate Agency Organisation operating across 74 countries


Established in 2005 as the UK’s Real Estate, Property & Letting Agent


A specialist in delivering Real Estate and Property Investments


We are part of the World's Largest Residential Estate Agency Organisation

6,900 offices and 101,000 agents operating across 78 countries