This document and the information within it may contain specific market content and independent indicative prices; this is for information purposes only and in no way constitutes advice to buy or sell.

You should only lend risk capital that you can afford to lose. Lenders may not take part in the management of the Company’s business. The Company shall have full authority and discretion in the management of its business. The loan is unsecured and the bond certificate which evidences your loan is not listed on a stock exchange and cannot be converted or traded.

(a) General Risks

You accept and understand that all investments are speculative in nature. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. The value of the dwellings and the income derived from them can go down as well as up and is not guaranteed at any time. You may not back the full value of your loan and coupon. The Company has a limited trading history by which you may evaluate its potential future profitability.

Your loan would neither be secured nor asset-backed and there can be no guarantee that we will achieve our profit objectives. We offer no warranty or guarantee as to your returns. You should carefully consider whether this investment is suitable in view of your personal circumstances, tax position and the financial resources available to you.

Whilst a secondary marketplace exists for residential property there is no established secondary marketplace for bond certificates. The Lender acknowledges that the Borrower does not and shall not own the above-referenced land or the dwellings to be built thereon and as such has few or no tangible assets against which any claim may be made in the event of a default in the coupon repayment or capital return.

(b) Regulatory Risks

Your investment is subject to all risks incidental to this market sector. These factors include, without limitation, changes in local and government rules, fiscal and monetary policies, changes in laws and changes in political and economic conditions. This marketing material and the investment structure has been prepared in accordance with the current legislation pertaining to the sector. The regulatory environment is evolving and changes therein may adversely affect the viability of your investment. The effect of any future regulatory changes on this market is impossible to predict but may have a detrimental impact on the potential market for lodge dwellings or the demand for the hotel. No warranties are given as to the likely interest in such lodges and the value thereof can fall as well as rise. You should seek appropriate legal advice prior to signing the Bond Purchase Agreement.

(c) Force Majeure & Other Factors

We cannot be held responsible in circumstances where factors outside our direct control affect the profitability of your investment. Force majeure events such as war, terrorism or extreme weather have not been factored in to our cash flow forecasts. Similarly, the non-performance or insolvency of our suppliers, unforeseen cost overruns or litigation by third parties or bank interventions may affect returns. You acknowledge that under such circumstances we may be unable to transact in the normal way.

You furthermore acknowledge that representations made by our sales consultants and agents either orally, in paper or electronic form (including sales literature and brochures) are for information purposes only. You understand that once you enter into contract there are no rights of withdrawal therefrom.

You should not treat the contents of promotional material as advice relating to legal, taxation or other matters and we recommend that you consult professional advisers in this regard.

You are aware that we are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Neither the Financial Services Compensation Scheme nor the Financial Ombudsman Scheme would apply to your investment.