tyram lakes

The Tyram Lakes Bond offers a fixed coupon return of

8% per annum

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The Investment

Bond Name: The Tyram Lakes Bond
Term: 3 Years
Fixed Coupon Return: 8% Gross per annum
Payment Period: Quarterly

Background Details

The funds raised from the issue of Bonds will be used to build high specification eco-friendly lodges on Tyram Lakes, PHASE 1 of which will be 50 lodges. Additionally, funds will go towards the building and maintenance of a 104 bedroom hotel.

For the Tyram Lakes project, we are offering a bond coupon return that is fixed at 8% per annum for a 3-year term. This compares favourably with many other companies that offer bonds, such as:


  • The Jockey Club offered a Racecourse Bond with a 7.75% gross annual interest return split between 4.75% cash and 3% in so-called racing rewards.
  • Wellesley’s bond offered a gross interest return ranging from 7% for 5 years up to 8% for 7 years.
  • Hotel Chocolat offered a gross annual return of 7.25% to 7.33% - the latter paid in monthly chocolate box selections.


Tyram Lakes is not only issuing bonds to raise money. A core motivation is to encourage investors to become visitors, to become stakeholders and ultimately to become brand advocates.

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